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Preventing families from becoming homeless in the first place.

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Since December 2021 we Promise of home has kept 17 families with 29 children in their homes

I had sudden and totally unexpected heart surgery and the amount of time I was allotted off wasn't enough for me to get disability or any type of assistance in place of the income I would be losing.  I knew we would fall short on rent and we could not find any rental assistance other than COVID relief. My family and I were facing losing our home.

I was referred to Family Promise and learned about Promise of Home. I made an appointment with the case manager to apply for the rent assistance, that same day I was approved for the rent assistance my family and I needed. Without Family Promise, I do not know how we would have made it through that month.

Thank you, Sara and the team! Going through a newly found heart condition was scary. Having this support made everything a bit more bearable.

--Ty M., Promise of Home grantee, winter 2021


I am a single mom. I have come across hard times: my family got COVID months back and we still haven't recovered financially. I have taken out loans and got a second job, and thankfully, I was almost caught up.

I was referred to Family Promise to apply for Promise of Home. For me it saved me from being on the streets. I was many months behind on rent and my landlord was also suffering the effects. Promise of Home granted us the last month of rent we were behind and I was able to catch up and be current.

It brings tears to my eyes to say I am able to keep my home. THANK YOU!

--Tanya H, Promise of Home grantee, winter 2021

How It Works

Family Promise National partner Help Us Move In (HUMI) has provided a two-year challenge-match grant to help us start Promise of Home. We're now asking the community to match the initial $20,000 each year. Promise of Home needs a solid foundation to keep families--and our community--strong into the future. You can help by donating today!

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Where We Are

How You Can Help

If you would like to donate to Promise of Home to help us keep Cowlitz County children in their homes, please visit our donation page (see the yellow Donate button in the upper right corner), and in the form, scroll down to Promise of Home.

Got a youth group or a mission group? Or a bunch of friends who want to do something good for the community? Please consider a fundraiser for Promise of Home! Ideas include bake sales, craft sales, rent-a-youth, spaghetti feeds, selling seasonal plants, dunk-the-pastor . . . the sky’s the limit!

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