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Who We Are

Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

We are an affiliation of churches, social services, and community members, Family Promise is geared towards providing a hand up for homeless children and their families.

We at Family Promise want to be able to help children and their families in our community who are situationally homeless– helping them achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.


And we, as a community in Cowlitz County, through Family Promise, want to provide the means necessary to help in times of crisis. Community to us is where families are valued for their talents- what they bring to the community. 

We are day by day building a place where people don’t just survive– they thrive.


Spreading the word will help us transform the lives of ONE MILLION children by 2030.

     Craig Melvin of NBC's Today Show visits Family Promise of the Midlands to learn how the program helps families experiencing homelessness reclaim their independence.

     Even though we have not experienced families being too proud to ask for help when experiencing homelessness, and some of the data is out of date (even more families have been helped than noted in the video), we believe the Today Show segment here gives a good short introduction to what we do. 

     Also please understand that charitable organizations, not just churches, can and are encouraged to participate as Family Promise Hosts or Support Partners.  For more information please contact us


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Why We Exist

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How You

Can Help

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