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Discover the wide range of volunteer opportunities at Family Promise – from serving meals, to providing financial literacy training, to assisting with fundraising events. There is something for everyone!


Volunteers play an essential role in helping families experiencing homelessness attain sustainable independence.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

Day Center

  • Assistance with cleaning

  • Occasional simple maintenance (with expert guidance available)

  • Occasional special project help (mailings, hanging curtains, rearranging furniture, etc.)

  • Room Turnover when guests move out and in.


PR Team

  • Writers (Example: newsletter articles; draft appeal letters to general or specific audiences; draft grants)

  • Graphic designers

  • Event ad/poster development

  • Photographers (events, Day Center)

  • Take photos to support newsletter articles, to post on website, social media)

  • Videographers/video editors (events, planned interview sessions, etc.)

  • Record and produce high-quality videos (testimonies, activities/events, etc.) to post on website, social media and YouTube)

  • Media helper

  • Write press releases

  • Write PSAs for radio stations

  • Email/call/text media reps to follow up

  • Develop relationships with media reps in the process


Graduation Coordinator

  • Assist coordination of move-out for guests graduating into their own housing. Work with staff to

  • Gather items we’ve located for their household

  • Arrange for a truck from one of our partner agencies

  • Get a small crew together to help with physical moving

  • Get a small crew together to help with after-move cleanup of guest living space



Fundraising Team

  • Grant drafting

  • Help with our signature events, Night Without a Bed and GiveMore24

  • develop written materials about event

  • coordinate event activities

  • obtain venues and get needed permissions/licenses

  • request donated items from local businesses

  • staff a table or take other task at event

Family Promise-mom and son

“Each time we make room for strangers, we chip away at the fear and isolation and heartbreak in our world. We also get to participate in something that is life giving, both to us and the people we welcome.”

Volunteer from Family Promise

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